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Annual Fire Safety Certificates

If you own or manage an apartment building or commercial property or work in the field of strata management/body corporate or property development/architect/builder then you need to ensure that your building has adequate fire safety measures.

As a property owner/agent you are held responsible under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 to ensure that the fire safety measures within your building are maintained so that they function and operate in the way in which they were designed and installed in the event of a fire.

The NSW Government has enacted reforms to improve fire safety for both new and existing buildings.

The Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment has approved and published standard fire safety statement forms.

Building owners required to submit these forms must do so using the standard version 2.0 template from 1 December 2017.

However, after 1 February 2020 building owners will be required to submit AFSS using the version 3.0 template.

The Amending Regulation establishes responsibilities requiring building owners to select and identify practitioners who are competent fire safety practitioners to perform specified fire safety functions.

The first accreditation scheme is expected to become operational in April 2020 and when this occurs, a competent fire safety practitioner will need to be selected from a register of accredited practitioners. Coastal Fire Protection is well positioned to have accredited practitioners in place when this scheme becomes active.

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